About us

Dream Vacations Panama/Panama Cruisin and PTY Beach Services is an all Canadian owned and operated, complete property management company. Offering Property Management services; electrical, plumbing, interior decorating, landscaping and reservation services since January 2008. We offer owners and guest onsite english speaking service. Catharine and Brock Argyle are your onsite hosts, living in Panama. Catharine heads up the Guest Services Dept., interior design and decorating. Brock heads up the maintenance and landscaping Dept. Paul Shore heads up the Reservation/Marketing Dept.

Catharine Argyle: 507-6412-4028 Onsite Customer Service Manager. Email Catharine

Brock Argyle: 507-6418-8981 Onsite Maintenance Manager. Email Brock

Reservations: 1-888-529-3128 extension 1 Email Paul

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